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Writing Tips for Graduate Dissertation Masters Thesis Proposal PHD Thesis Academic Guide

Tips to prepare how to write a dissertation with References in short time to get High Grade for university level(Graduate, Masters, PHD level) and Find thesis, Dissertation writing help from Topup Writer Freelance Experienced Academic, Technical Writers


Students studying in university in any discipline in bachelor level, master level, PHD they get a dissertation to write to show their research work in the area of interest in their course, writing a dissertation it is difficult for student due to lack of experience, limited research skill and planning is required to prepare a perfect dissertation whether it is a base paper, scholarly article, thesis and dissertation in any discipline. Students must focus on the following points mention bellow prepare a high quality dissertation.

Choose a perfect topic in your discipline for how to write a Dissertation


A student of bachelor or master level, PHD they are given choice to select their own topic to complete the research in the area of their interest. If you are student of engineering,pharmacy, nursing, medical, business, and management, literature or any other discipline of university level. The important thing is choosing a topic, students get doubts how to choose a topic what are the things to look for while choosing a topic?

You must look for a topic which is new and which is not written a paper on it, if you are a engineering or a research student you must check the existing papers of the topic and analyze what are the things which needs to be improve with a new solution while selecting a topic you must make a title with a new solution which you are going to implement on the existing module. In the same way if you are a medical or a science student focus on what you can make difference with your research choose a topic on that domain.


Create a frame work draft before you start a dissertation.


After choosing a topic it is necessary for a student to understand the various things involved and researched on the various papers which have been written previously, read and understand the concepts. And make a note of the existing problems in that research and make a argument in your research draft about the limitation of the existing module and for that add your proposal which you are going to implement in your research.

If you are an engineering or medical student or any discipline, while preparing a draft proposal the following things you need to mention- writing a abstract in that mentioning few lines with introduction of a title and existing module then mention which method you are going to implement for your solution. Then write a small introduction explaining the concepts and about existing modules and mention your proposal method and provide a proper summery for your research you want to implement and provide from 10 to 15 references and submit to the professor to approval of a draft proposal and take advice from your professor about the research which you are going to implement and write in the paper.

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Follow the standard pattern of writing a academic paper such has dissertation and publication of it in a international journal.


After creating a draft for your research proposal show your guide or professor take advice if get approval then start researching from different books and peer review articles read and understand the previous concepts which methods where used in that to create that research work. You must create a research question to show your point in your research and explain it with your ideas and give comparative argument.  The following is the structure pattern for writing a dissertation or thesis, start with an introduction then give literature review explaining the existing module and research done by previous authors and explain the methods you want to implement give brief description and show your experiment or research results and discuss all the methods and steps you used to create a new solution and present data in results and discussion after completion of it write a conclusion giving summary of your research what you did research on and methods what you have achieve using that method explain it and then give future recommendations is there a chance to improve your research to different professional extent.


How many words does a dissertation contain?


A dissertation is research work which involves a lot of sections as per the standard academic pattern in a dissertation you must have an abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, Results, discussion, conclusion, future recommendations, references.


A dissertation should contain about 8000 to 12000 words minimum you can have by dividing it in each chapter. Abstract 300 words, introduction 2000 words, literature review 3000 words, methodology 2000 words, results and discussion 3000 words and in chapter end give a 300-word summary and conclusion about 500 to 1000 words.


Read your paper do editing and proof reading


After completion of your dissertation report submitting to an international journal for publication students need to revise and do editing by checking grammatical error and proof read your research paper three to four times before submission.


Show to the professor or an expert proof reader to check the error


When you  Completed your dissertation give to your professor to check the paper and work out on the comments given by professor for your dissertation it is important to understand why a reviewer suggest to make improvement in your paper because when you submit to a international journal it will disapprove your paper due to error in grammar and writing style should be in the form of third person in passive voice always accept the professor and editor comments and make necessary changes in your paper.


Before submission of your dissertation paper to professor or international journal publication check for plagiarism


When you write a dissertation or research paper or any form of paper it is important that you present your research in academic way of writing according to the structure complete your dissertation with original work without copying from other article the act of plagiarism it is penalized and it disapprove your dissertation which leads to failure and you will lose your degree it is important for a student to always when writing a dissertation or a journal article summarized it in your own words which helps to make sure that you have understood and did your project without copying from other article. Never copy paste a argument or a sentence from another paper if you use certain references mention it your paper and do proper citation and in text citation following the reference styling format like APA, MLA, Harvard format.


Important tips


Chose a topic in the area of interest of your choice in your discipline.


Follow the academic standard while writing a dissertation.


Before starting a dissertation make a draft of research proposal.


Divide your dissertation in to chapters the total dissertation should be about 8000 to 12000 words minimum and follow the structure and make in to abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussion, conclusion, future work, references.

Use passive voice in writing and check for the requirement and guide lines from your professor or supervisor.


Check for grammatical errors and make correction, do editing and proofreading many times before submission.


Do not copy from other articles if you copying you will be penalized and your research work will be disapproved and lead to failure if found plagiarism in your dissertation.

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