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Terms and conditions of Dissertation and Assignment writing service

When you use our website the following agreement customers are requested to agree before using our dissertation writing service website. Selecting a writer to provide you assignment help before hiring check all the terms and conditions you will have money back guarantee for all services from thesis writing to assignment help Australia, UK and all countries   customers are requested to read all conditions. If you do not agree with following terms and conditions, you are requested to not use our website.

Topupwriter.com it is only available for the legal age to choose professional writer to give you thesis writing service if you purchase or use any material written by our expert writers like getting dissertation writing services from dissertation writer you are prohibited to do it if you are not legal age.

When you place an order in our website for essay writing service or any other you accept that you read all the terms and conditions and understood it nicely and agree for using the website to hire and pay a writer to complete your dissertation help uk order. You also accept that you are legally bounded with the terms and conditions of our website and you agree with it as an agreement between you and topupwriter.com for the services you have taken like thesis writing service and also hiring any freelance content writer you are advise to follow the rules and conditions for getting better Research paper writing service or hiring any service writer.

Interpretation of terms

In this document the "Website” it means Topupwriter.com

"Customer”, "You” or "Yours” it refers to the Person who is submitting and posting the order in the website.

"Company”, "We” or "Our” it refers to Topupwriter.com

"product” "paper” "project” it means it’s a technical writing assignment which is customize and drafted for the customer and delivered according to order details.

"Order” it means a technical order or a standard electronic type of form which is filled and been submitted through online for a customer using our website according to the requirements for the product.

Our assignment writing services and hiring freelance content writer

When a customer places an order for essay writing service and pay for the order it means you are purchasing the product which is strictly for your personal and non-commercial use. You acknowledge all the products drafted such as thesis writing, dissertation help online the paper delivered by your freelance professional assignment writers who transfer all the rights and products ownership to the company and the products is not refundable and no warranties or implied for the product for all types of content and Research writing service.

If you need any additional information you can find seeing our FAQ page. Customers please note, it is necessary to read the terms and conditions and check FAQ page for any question related to Thesis writing service, Essay writing service, dissertation help check  how it works before ordering and doing payment in our payment.

Copyright and personal use topupwriter.com does not do it

All the work and product delivered by our writers are completely original and copyright of products for any dissertation writing service and freelance content writer materials is retained by the company and its partners. The purpose of the products which is been delivered from our website it is just for personal and non-commercial use when you place order for custom paper writing in our company website you agree that to not distribute and modify or publish display or do exploit of the product and without prior consent of the company. By placing order, you agree that the essay writing service, dissertation help online and Research paper writing services hiring freelance content writer or any writer you defend and hold harmless the company for any and unauthorized making use of material available in the website and it can lead to subject our customers to civil and criminal penalties.

No refund

The products which are delivered by are company are not refundable and does not come with any warranty and no refund it is given if the order is completed by writer and you click on finished button. For certain case money back guarantee check FAQ page and Monet back guarantee page.

No plagiarism

When you agree on the terms and conditions you accept that the company has reserve the right to cancel any agreement or contract with any person who do pass plagiarized content as original when you use essay writing, research paper writing service receiving dissertation help online or freelance writer hiring. You accept all the products delivered it will not be disclosing to third party or distributed for any kind of payment purpose. You do acknowledge that the product delivered if its distributed or use by customer for any type of plagiarism the company has the right to reserve to refuse the further work for giving service to that customer.

We don’t accept customers who put their name on the product delivered by our company. All the papers and projects assignment which are completed by our writers for any essay writing, research paper, dissertation writing, case study, Thesis writing service provided by topupwriter.com it should be used for reference purpose and should not use as a substitute to show it as you did the work. The product deliver to you can only use to learning purpose and it should be properly cited to use original dissertation writing service and also please check the definition of plagiarism for acceptable use of material in your school or university.

Our company does not encourage in any type of plagiarism act which leads to academic fraud we provide essay writing, assignment writing services, Research paper writing service for reference purpose and using it with properly cited. We strongly abide by copyright law and we do not allow any customer to commit plagiarism or do violation of copyright law and neither our company or partners it shall be liable for any kind of illegal; unethical or wrong use of product and written and received by our website.

The buyers of the website using our academic writing services and freelance writing services should not blame and make liable for wrong use of our products which include plagiarism or any kind of prize loss or awards, grades or failure and suspension and any kind of legal actions buyer is solely responsible for there doing and our company should not liable for your wrong doing in any type of disciplinary actions which is improper and unethical or illegal using of our material is not acceptable and our website should not be liable.

Links disclaimer

The links which are attached of other website we do not endorse or sponsor them. Our company it is not owner or any kind of website which link our website. By agreeing on the terms and conditions you agree that linking to other website do it in your own risk.

Privacy and security

Check our privacy statement in our website to know about privacy and company policy and use of online information. Our website give assurance for safe and secure confidently of your information and proceeding with payment check privacy policy page for more details.


When you submit order or do payment to the writer you agree that you understand the agreement and terms and conditions and agree the statements mention above and agree on the following below:

The products delivered by writers and our website it should be used for learning purpose and for reference only like essay, research paper, thesis and case study, report to know how to complete a technical assignment in proper manner with use of citation.

1.All the information and ides you get from our products it should use with proper cited to use it and our company does not do condone the act of using our service product to achieve high marks in your education institution.

2.You agree that the website needs payment for the time and effort goes in researching gathering information to write and complete and delivering of materials for doing maintenance and for adverting it requires payment.

3.You should use it for personal use and should not distribute and display on other platform to show the content produced by our website and publishing is not accepting if you doing it you must prior tell company.

4.All the products you got delivered by using our freelance writing service completed by the writers they transfer all the rights and ownership to our company.

5.You will agree to destroy all the products delivered by our website and only will use for reference only and you will not make copies. You should not use the paper without doing citation you should do proper cite in your paper.

6.You agree that you will receive email from website for all special offers and contest which is been done by the company. Customers have right to unsubscribe from any kind of information.



Topup writer dissertation writing services categories hire professional freelance content writer in any discipline:

You acknowledge using our website for essay,thesis, assignment, dissertation, research paper,CDR, freelance writing service our company is not liable for any kind of direct and indirect incidental damage for product and any kind of damage connected to our website should not be liable. You agree that the terms and conditions may be changed according to need of company for better user experience. Customers are requested to view the updated terms and conditions in webpage to view the changes in this page you can check in our website.

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