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General Questions

how can a customer order there project filling the order form and the process of website to get project completed by writer? gives customers a unique individual approach to post there order and get bids from various expert writers and get there project done safely and securely through our E-wallet reserve money system to get your project completed from a particular writer.
Order forms in home page and all the pages in website provide customers to order there project in the website and get quotes price from different expert writers for your project requirements. when you fill the order form and click on "continue" button. You will receive a email from website in your inbox or sometimes it might go to spam folder, you can find your password whenever you logout and login again using the password and in profile can change password.
when you click on "continue" in the order form you will go to step -1 in the website fill details of project in the first step then customer will get bids from expert writers for your project requirements they will quote price you can choose a prefect match seeing writers real rating and reviews given by previous customers. You can see and discuss with writers with our real time chatting system which helps customer to message the writer and discuss the project ask and see there academic and professional experience in writing and choose a perfect writer for your project, then assign writer your project and topupwriter gives you an option to load money and reserve money for the writer. It gives payment security for customer and writer.
Get your project done perfectly as per your requirements and can ask revision if required and release money for writer by clicking on "Finished order" and place your review for the order completed by a particular writer.
For more details to check how to place order and how Topup writer website works please check "how it works" page-
and you can also watch video tutorial in home page to know how website works.

How can I receive the completed order file from writer?

In step 4, when customer assign project in step 3 and reserve money for a selected writer. You can receive your completed order file from writer in Ms word or PDF format after you pay for the order to the writer you can see a specific button which will be appeared in step 4 of the order page you can save the file in your computer and check ask for revision if required.

how can I pay for the assigned writer to completed my project and is it safe and secure to submit payment through your site?

TopupWriter gives customer a secure and unique way to pay for the order posted in site. Customer can pay the assigned writer by loading money into the system and reserve money for the assign writer till your project is completed as per requirements.
You can load money into the system using our E-wallet system which directs to the paypal site in step 3 a secure paypal link is opened you can reserve money by using credit or debit card and even using your paypal id you can load the money and pay from from the balance to assigned writer. The payment method is secure and safe method to submit Via paypal and through our website E-wallet system you can reserve money for the writer and get your project completed from expert writer.

How can i place order in

In homepage and all the pages and in Top Writers page also you can see writers profile and choose a expert writer by seeing writers reviews given by real customers and by clicking on "request writer" also you can place your order.

In website customer can find a order form in home page, all pages in left or down side by entering the details you can order the project and it will take you to step 1 in website after filling the details you will go to step-2 where you will receive bids from different expert writer. You can choose a writer by using real time chatting with writer you can chat and discuss about your project then in Step-3 you can assign writer and reserve money and track process get your project done by the expert writer you choose done your project completed.

What is Writer's Review and Rating? How is it calculated?

A writer's rating system was developed to ensure a clear competition among our writers. It will help customers choose the right author, and it always encourages our writers to do their best on every order. This rating is calculated automatically, and it is based on every customer's vote. You are also able to see the number of a writer's completed orders there to understand how many customers could rate him by now. visit “top writers” and “Rating & Review” pages to find out more details about writers. Choose a suitable writer seeing the rating and reviews and by chatting knowing there educational background and specialization and choose the best writer for your project.

What is TopupWriter

topup is a free lancer writing web site which helps costumers to find expert writers in all descipline . it gives unique individual approach for costumers to post there order and the writers working in web site place their bits and costumer has this choice to view writer profile and real ratings given by preavious costumer it helps to select a qualified experience writer for there project requirvement.
topup writer provides real time chatting between costumers and writers. when ever a coustemer assigne a order to the writer, the costumer has the choice to load the money in to topup writer. com E_ wallet coustemers can load the money through creadit or debit cards wia paipal and coustemer has the write to reserve the money for the perticular selected writer and release the money after the project is completed by the writer.
when the writer completes the order coustemer can recive the completed file from the writer in step 4 and click on the botton finished project to release the money for assigned the writter.
topup gives coustemer and writer a real affective competition to find a expert writer. the wed is having writers rating which is given by real coustemer and every time when ever real coustemer and completed by a expert writer it is calculated automatically in the home page and in writers profile this helps coustemer to find outto find out a perfect writer for there project requirvement.

how can i attach project materials to the writer

coustemers can able to upload additional materials required for the project when ever they want to inform the writer by clicking on additional material button while ordering the project.

if i forget the password of my login id how can i reset the password ?

if a coustemer or writer forgets the password they can click on the link forgot password you will recieve an email from topup either in the in box or spam folder you can get the link to set your password and link back to the web site login in page.

Can a customer post a project for free in

yes, a customer can fill the order form and submit the project details for all expert writers to check and get free price quotes and customer can also ask writers to provided a short 100 words introductions to check the skills for the writer and also can chat with the experts writers. when ever a customer assign there project to the writer they can deposit the amount in the TopupWriter E- wallet balance and can reserved amount for a writer to get there project completed.

Is customer is allowed to post online test to be completed by a writer?

topup believe that it is the students responsibility to pass the test by there own wether it an on line exam or on a paper. if it is a multiple choice test or even any online test it is difficult for a writer access and complete on the student behalf it is not allowed if a student post any order in the website which is based on completing on line exam it will be automatically cancled and you are not allowed to share a any personal information regarding test complition to the writers it can compromised your own security and even was difficulty in your addiction or in the university so its better to avoid any compromise in your addication.

when can i except the project completed and receve my paper?

when you order the project in the step one in order form you have the option to select a dead line for your project to intimate the writer about your submition date and also you can inform to the writer by using real time chatting and message the writer you will receve the paper on the given dead line and if dead line has been changed or you need to submit your file early then please notified the project dead line changed the writer.we strongly recommend you to inform the writer about your tight schedule and deadline date to the writer during chat.

How will I receive my paper?

Once the writer is paid for the whole order, you have a chance to download your final paper in one of two formats: either as an MS Word document, or as a .pdf file. The corresponding buttons will automatically appear on your personal order webpage, so you will have to click on one of the buttons and save the file on your computer.

do i have a choice to modified my requirvement after i post the order?

when you published the project details and the writers working on your project you can still change order details by clicking on edit order details you can change number of pages, title or even instructions to the writer but if you change the dead line or any other details all the writer bids will be consider has out dated.
if you like to modified in the instructions in the last stage when you have assigned a for your project then you can communicate with the writer and inform in the chat and discuss about the changes with the writer.

what if i did not like the work done by the writer o my project can i request for revision if required?

if a costumer does not like the completed by the writer it is recommended that to communicate with the writer with out hesitation while your is progressed you can request the writer to do the changes according to the project requirment .
if you fell that the writer has not completed the order completely you can guide and discuss all the project requirments via chat communication .if your order is fully completed or the whole amount which is deserve for the writer is been paid to the writer then you cannot able to request foe paper revision because once you release the payment for the writer it means that the project is completed if you like to have editing or rewriting you need to request the writer before releasing the payment in other cases you can place new order for rewriting or editing by another writer.

can i post the order for rewriting and editing service ?

yes you can order rewriting and editing services by placing an order in the web site and select the writers has per your requirvements you can ask for form scratch or even rewriting and editing yu can get it completed in less price seeing the price codes given by the writer in he bids and select a perfect writer for your project requirvement .

how can i pay the assigned writer using your website is there any money back guarantee if the project is not completed has per the requirvement?

Customer can manage there order and pay using you can also decide which writer to select seeing the bids given by writers and you can load the money in the web site E- wallet system and reserve the money for the selected writer using the link reserve money by using paypal account or even pay through credit or debit card.s once your project is completed by the writer you can click on finished on order button and release the money for the expert writer.
if the project is not completed by the writer has per the requirement you can request for revision by communicating through chat. If the project is not completed you can request for money back by posting a dispute to the admin and request for the money back and even you can select a another writer to complete your writer if you did not release the amount for the order you can request the withdrawal of money using payment button you can request for money back and also post new order and select another writer for completion of your project.

Can I get a discount when I order a project?

At it depends on the bidding process each writer as per his or her they quote a price for the project you order. Customer can choose any writer seeing his or rating or reviews and affordable writer. We like to have fair and good balance between customer and writers so we don't interfere in the bidding process and let it run on free market basis. Customer can choose Expert writers as different writers give different prices in bidding you can choose affordable price thus everyone have lower rates on a selective basis.

General Questions

What are the advantages of working with TopupWriter?

If you are expert skilled writer specialized in writing on various disciplines and having good academic background with experience and good in English vocabulary skills, experience in academic, technical or Cdr services, blogging, product description. You will have a high chance to earn good with TopupWriter . Be sure you can deliver the order on time and quality.

What types of writing work is available are available in is a market place where customers place order on various disciplines and types of project. You can find academic, technical, editing, proofreading, thesis,dissertation, content writing, SEO writing, CDr writing service, journals, articles , essay and alot more. If you are experienced in any discipline and skilled qualified you can apply to the biggest Expert Writers market place of freelancers.

How does TopupWriter works?

TopupWriter is a freelancer writing platform for writers and customers. It gives best professional writing services with efficient and expert writers in various projects and disciplines. It has a bidding system for writers to bid for a project and live chatting with customers. It gives assurance of payment security for writers and customers with your E-wallet system and Reserve money option. Customers Reserve money when they choose suitable writer and Writer works on the project and submit and customer release the payment.
You can check how it work page for more understanding and also see video for all types of work available.

Am I qualified to write?

A writer needs to quality the test of website and essay test when applying as writer all the professional writing experience and educational background is taken under consideration. if you qualify the tests and approved by the TopupWriter team you are welcome to a place for academic research and CDR service Writing.

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